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Tax Credits: saved at a stroke

Cut the ‘benefits’ of the wealthy instead! By Russell Bruce George Osborne has to find savings of £4.5bn to reinstate his proposed tax credit cuts as the House of Lords, being unusually populist, decided to throw out his changes to … Continue reading

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Corbyn and ‘The Establishment’

Russell Bruce offers some advice to the new Labour leader on developing a focus and a strategic play in the weeks ahead How do you attack the establishment when you have just become part of it as leader of Her … Continue reading

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A quiet revolution in the Borders and proof the UK economy is beginning to stall

By Russell Bruce I wrote some weeks ago about the difficulty the SNP would have in changing the political landscape in the three constituencies that lie on the border with England. This was an area that voted No in the … Continue reading

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Agincourt: £1m to celebrate defeat of French and ‘Scottish nationalists’

Image from Histoire de France, Wikimedia Commons By Russell Bruce During Osborne’s budget speech he announced in extraordinary terms £1M to celebrate the battle of Agincourt “And, Mr Deputy Speaker, we could not let the 600th anniversary of Agincourt pass … Continue reading

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London think tank director backs Nicola’s numbers

By Russell Bruce Jonathan Portes, Director of the National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR) has backed First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to deal with the UK deficit, growing debt pile and her alternative direction to Osborne’s austerity plans. … Continue reading

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Oil: a holistic view on our energy future is required

Part 3 of What price a barrel of oil?  looks at consumer advantages of the price fall, the urgent need for fiscal reform for the industry and the place oil and gas production plays in a longer-term transition to marine renewables. By Russell Bruce The … Continue reading

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Osborne ‘devalues’ pound

By Russell Bruce On Sunday morning on the Andrew Marr show Chancellor George Osborne was pressed by Marr on currency arrangements in the event of a Yes vote. Osborne was very, very clear. “Scotland would not be sharing the pound, … Continue reading

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