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Trump and May are like Teenagers Playing Chicken in the Parking Lot

A few days ago, President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May got together for a pow wow. It went so well, they even held hands. Some people saw this as an occasion to contrast the gruff, … Source: Trump … Continue reading

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Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Originally posted on aNtiDoTe Zine:
Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself Psychometrics and the (counter)revolution in marketing that is helping bring fascism to power around the world AntiNote: The following is an unauthorized translation of a December 2016…

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Brexit means the unknown

By Russell Bruce A version of this article first appeared on Newsnet. Not a lot has changed since as the world waits to find out what Brexit might mean. Brexit, as presented by Leave was articulated, if that is not … Continue reading

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Investors sell sterling in rush for the ‘poundland’ exit

By Russell Bruce Baron Rothschild in the 18th century said:“Buy when there is blood on the streets even if the blood is your own” Nothing ever changes when it comes to money. The stock market is higher now than before the … Continue reading

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Dire economics and dodgy assumptions behind the Leave campaign’s supposed ‘new trade deals

New campaigning flag coming soon – By Russell Bruce A week ago I returned to Scotland to vote in the EU referendum. One week ago we left our hotel in Rhodes at 5p.m. (Greek time) after two sweltering weeks eventually arriving in … Continue reading

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Are we all Greeks now?

This article first appeared on – usually I publish articles in my blog around the same time. Nothing much has really changed in the meantime and all eyes are focussed on Sunday’s referendum in Greece. The subject has obtained acres … Continue reading

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TV debates: bring on the 52%

By Dorothy Bruce David Cameron, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage — do these guys have anything in common? Of course they have. All are Westminster politicians, unionists, all slightly differing tints of Toryism. Anything else? Well, they’re all male. … Continue reading

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Smith is important because his recommendations will be a disappointment

By Russell Bruce This article was written very late last night, but not published till today. With the Smith Commission report now out little requires to be amended It was always my view the Smith Commission was a process to … Continue reading

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Murphy leadership campaign leaks Smith Commission proposals

By Dorothy Bruce Dear Lord Smith of  Kelvin, For the past few days I have been dismayed to see what are supposedly the findings of your commission splashed over the media as part and parcel of one of the campaigns … Continue reading

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We are back

By Russell Bruce I have been quiet since the Referendum. It isn’t that I had nothing to say in the wake of a result we thought might be different. Other things were squeezed out and set aside and a big catch up on … Continue reading

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