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A triple mandate process

Whilst we are waiting for Theresa May to set out her Brexit objectives, which we are told will be next Tuesday, it is well worth looking at the process the Scottish Government has been following since the morning of 24th … Continue reading

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Two choices: Paul or John

By Russell Bruce With just over week to go to the Scottish elections things are hotting up in a tight contest between the SNP and the Tories in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire. That it a straight choice is the one … Continue reading

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Migrants and tax credits – Cameron ‘misguided and misleading’, say researchers

By Russell Bruce This article first published on on 6th February 2016 The National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR) has just released some limited information from the UK government on migrant tax credit claims. Jonathan Portes, Principal … Continue reading

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Corbyn and ‘The Establishment’

Russell Bruce offers some advice to the new Labour leader on developing a focus and a strategic play in the weeks ahead How do you attack the establishment when you have just become part of it as leader of Her … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s wretched plan to expel talented young people from Britain

Benjamin, as he explains, is an American who is about to start his PhD at Cambridge. Theresa May’s policy is about number targets and not about economic sense. The Scottish government has long argued that we need to allow talented overseas … Continue reading

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First Dr. Schäuble came for the Greeks and I did not speak up…

By Russell Bruce In this latest article on the Greek crisis, I examine the implications of the treatment of Greece. Power and influence are what drives politicians. Money is never far behind, an easily created commodity today, with – who it … Continue reading

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OXI: Troika in disarray, Greeks bearing democracy

 This second article was published on on 6th July. The next article will examine the fate of democracy in the wake of a turbulent debate within the Eurozone finance ministers meeting on Saturday and aggression and bullying unleashed at the … Continue reading

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