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Miss Piggy to make comeback in new satire show

and in other news …. Pork Belly futures slump Restaurants removing pork dishes from menus Eton says they will not take pork off the school dinner menu How Top Boys get a taste for telling porkies Secrets of the Dead … Continue reading

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Something I agreed with Ruth Davidson

  By RussellBruce Well just a bit. In a follow up to yesterday’s post. I decided there should be a bit of fun about the election in Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk Today’s post brought a letter from the Conservative candidate that … Continue reading

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Open letter to thon quine in Lundun

Dear Quine, Speeches are funny things and it is easy to get things wrong – just as I am not sure how to address you. I will be honest. I am a bit of a soft republican. So for me … Continue reading

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We are back

By Russell Bruce I have been quiet since the Referendum. It isn’t that I had nothing to say in the wake of a result we thought might be different. Other things were squeezed out and set aside and a big catch up on … Continue reading

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BBC’s Nick Robinson gets his 7 minutes of fame

BBC’s Nick Robinson denies getting 7 minute answer to his question. At Wednesday morning’s Yes Campaign International Media Conference the BBC’s political correspondent Nick Robinson got more than he bargained for in response to his question to Scotland’s First Minster Alex … Continue reading

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England goes purple bananas

By Russell Bruce The English local elections are something of a mixed shopping bag of bananas. The Tories have slipped on bananas skins to the tune of 201 seats down, but can feel more assured about the 2015 election as … Continue reading

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