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Murphy leadership campaign leaks Smith Commission proposals

By Dorothy Bruce Dear Lord Smith of  Kelvin, For the past few days I have been dismayed to see what are supposedly the findings of your commission splashed over the media as part and parcel of one of the campaigns … Continue reading

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7 Mountains 7 Continents and why trees mean life

  James Ogilvie on the summit of Everest By Russell Bruce Today a bit of a departure from politics and economics on this blog. There is more to life and how we find our place in this world on a … Continue reading

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Middle Meadow Walk

By Russell Bruce Scotland’s Story I have turned to video to capture an extraordinary part of Scotland’s modern narrative as people meet in public places to talk and exchange views and experiences. This is the people’s Yes campaign in Edinburgh’s … Continue reading

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Hugh MacDiarmid, Tom Nairn and Scottish International Institute

By Russell Bruce These are heady times as supporters, organisations and groups in the independence camp grow day by day. A creative energy that Scotland has not seen in 300 years is being released. With polls inching closer, stakes become … Continue reading

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