Something I agreed with Ruth Davidson


Tory leaflet amend Web

By RussellBruce

Well just a bit. In a follow up to yesterday’s post. I decided there should be a bit of fun about the election in Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk

Today’s post brought a letter from the Conservative candidate that wasn’t worth reading and an A5 card from Conservative HQ from Ruth Davidson. The first part of which I thought made a good point, but the conclusion left something to be desired.

So the image is the result of my personal response. The blue bit is unaltered. The bottom yellow section is a purely personal observation.

Before putting this together I checked the figures in the Ruth Davidson mailing. The Tories are not renowned for getting their figures right, as in economic matters. Three of the percentages in the blue section are correct. The second column percentage of the Lib/Dem vote in the Scottish Parliament elections of 2011 is a little strange. The Lib Dems achieved only  7.9% in the constituency vote in 2011 and a mere 5.2%in the regional vote. Normally if you wanted to combine these  you would use an average i.e 6.55%. Perhaps this did not have the graphic presentational impact Ruth Davidson was looking for. When all else fails make it up or present inconsistent data.


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Writer, journalist and blogger. Worked in advertising and publishing. Former board member Loch Lomond National Park Authority, Chair of Borders Writers' Forum
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