Murphy leadership campaign leaks Smith Commission proposals

By Dorothy Bruce

Dear Lord Smith of  Kelvin,
For the past few days I have been dismayed to see what are supposedly the findings of your commission splashed over the media as part and parcel of one of the campaigns for the leadership of the Labour Party in Scotland.

The decisions of your commission should be kept under wraps until you unveil them. The fact that they appear to have been leaked for use in one person’s campaign, so that the candidate can attempt to tailor his message in accordance with them, I find extremely distasteful as well as flouting democracy.

In fact I suspect the antics are bringing your commission into disrepute, and bolstering the doubts of the suspicious and sceptical who believe nothing useful will be forthcoming. The time for measured discussion should be when the report of your commission is made public, instead of it being leaked to be used as a political football in a leadership contest which has given the very clear impression that the winner had won before the contest even began.

Yours sincerely,

Dorothy Bruce
Twinlaw Publishing

Dorothy Bruce is author of the Caledon Novels- In the Wake of the Coup and The Seaweed Cage available from and Amazon.

Twinlaw Publishing are sponsors of Vote Yes Borders

Watch the video for The Seaweed Cage here


About russellbruce

Writer, journalist and blogger. Worked in advertising and publishing. Former board member Loch Lomond National Park Authority, Chair of Borders Writers' Forum
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1 Response to Murphy leadership campaign leaks Smith Commission proposals

  1. Thomas Muir says:

    Its a farce anyway, the commission is a front set up by elitist business cronies to fill there pockets with cash gained from oil and gas projects in scotland, look at there business records, why bother with them , they only want whats best for them not the people of scotland.


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