BBC’s Nick Robinson gets his 7 minutes of fame

BBC’s Nick Robinson denies getting 7 minute answer to his question.
At Wednesday morning’s Yes Campaign International Media Conference the BBC’s political correspondent Nick Robinson got more than he bargained for in response to his question to Scotland’s First Minster Alex Salmond. Meanwhile No supporting newspapers are publishing in Thursday morning papers a story that an angry Alex attacked said Nick from the BBC.

Following a very full and courteous reply Nick Robinson heckled from the floor and Alex Salmond calmly replied for a second time. Brazenly Nick Robinson said in his evening BBC news report that he had not had his question answered.

Nick Robinson had the previous day reported  market sensitive information that RBS would move its registered office to London in the event of a Yes vote. This was then reported by the BBC as RBS leaving Scotland in advance of the position being explained to staff as a purely technical provision that would not affect RBS operations or the jobs of RBS staff in Scotland.

The leak to the BBC is reported as coming from the UK Treasury. A leak from the UK Treasury is extremely serious and any experienced reporter and media organisation would be aware they were in possession of market sensitive information that they would be ill advised to publish in advance of the official announcement to the market being made.

Fortunately Wings over Scotland have captured the filmed section of the International Media Conference and made it available for all to see and judge for themselves. We are pleased to publish the video on this site to bring it to the attention of those who may not yet have seen it. We are receiving reports that  BBC phones have been red hot with complaints.

At the time of writing the video has been viewed by 121,161 people in just 12 hours
Nick Robinson is certainly getting his 7 minutes of fame.

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