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Middle Meadow Walk

By Russell Bruce Scotland’s Story I have turned to video to capture an extraordinary part of Scotland’s modern narrative as people meet in public places to talk and exchange views and experiences. This is the people’s Yes campaign in Edinburgh’s … Continue reading

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Judy Steel is voting Yes

Judy Steel is a weel kent figure in the Borders. For nearly 50 years she has campaigned for the Liberals in the Borders since the by-election her husband David won in 1965. Over that time Judy has been involved with many grassroots … Continue reading

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BBC’s Nick Robinson gets his 7 minutes of fame

BBC’s Nick Robinson denies getting 7 minute answer to his question. At Wednesday morning’s Yes Campaign International Media Conference the BBC’s political correspondent Nick Robinson got more than he bargained for in response to his question to Scotland’s First Minster Alex … Continue reading

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Osborne ‘devalues’ pound

By Russell Bruce On Sunday morning on the Andrew Marr show Chancellor George Osborne was pressed by Marr on currency arrangements in the event of a Yes vote. Osborne was very, very clear. “Scotland would not be sharing the pound, … Continue reading

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Business for Scotland looks at pensions , currency and cost of Independence

By Russell Bruce Real information and answers on people’s key questions from economist and Business for Scotland CEO, Gordon Macintyre-Kemp. Watch these three short videos and make up your own mind. Over the last few months I have met many business … Continue reading

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Opportunity of a lifetime

By Russell Bruce Business for Scotland is a business organisation with a membership across the length and breadth of Scotland. Five videos have been produced to address the perpetual questions and unremitting negativity of the No campaign. Here is the … Continue reading

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I’m no really daft

A wee production from the team at

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