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Defence 2: Scotland needs to remain vigilant

MOD Police from Clyde Marine Unit  training Gibraltar police on a 2 week high speed training course By Professor Gavin Kennedy In my first article I started the debate about the defence of an independent Scotland by setting out what foreign … Continue reading

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Independence and the economy: The facts

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Do you think Britain is a fair country?

By Russell Bruce Most of us feel reasonably comfortable if a bit squeezed. We hear a lot about inequality, fuel poverty, cuts to the benefits of the disabled, the rise of foodbanks. But how much do we really think about … Continue reading

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Defence 1: Small country Big heart

By Professor Gavin Kennedy There is an unanswerable problem in defence politics, best summarised by the question: `How Much Defence in Enough?’  It has tormented governments since before Julius Caesar’s times.  All defence ministers tend to answer: ‘Much more than … Continue reading

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Scottish economy now performing at pre-recession levels

By Russell Bruce Higher employment levels and record inward investment in Scotland is now bringing growth in the Scottish economy back to levels not seen for 7 years. As the recession finally heads for the dust, confidence is growing again … Continue reading

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