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Open Letter to Jean–Claude Juncker

Dear Mr Juncker, I write to congratulate you on your appointment as President of the European Commission. I am nobody important, just a Scot, proud of Scotland and proud to be a citizen of the European Union. I wish to … Continue reading

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LSE Professor applauds streamlined government structure for independent Scotland

  By Russell Bruce We reported last month on the overblown Treasury estimates of the costs of setting up the additional departments an independent Scotland would require following Independence. In a report released on Sunday, Transitioning to a new Scottish … Continue reading

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Scotland: a wealthy nation

Here is what others say about Scotland including The Financial Times, UK Office of National Statistics and David Cameron  – Yes! David Cameron

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Union indefensible

  That this was written nearly 18months ago does not make it any less relevant today

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Generation Aye

The case for democracy and social justice to be realised following a Yes vote is compellingly presented by 23 year old Miriam Brett. A fourth year student of international politics, Miriam articulates a vision of a Scotland taking its place in the world … Continue reading

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