Why Vote Yes Borders

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This new website seeks to fill a space in online news magazines and blogs. We seek to complement existing pro-independence sites by mainly concentrating on international affairs and economic issues. VoteYesBorders.com is not affiliated to any political party. Editorial output will generally fit the description of being social democrat in tone. VoteYesBorders.com is based in the Scottish Borders. We will also cover cultural and arts issues which are an important part of Scottish identity, an identity that has grown and been enriched by those who have made Scotland their home.


VoteYesBorders.com is an advocate of open borders, cross border collaboration, trade and cultural exchange. VoteYesBorders.com recognises that independence in the modern world involves responsibility through Scotland gaining direct representation and participation in international bodies such as the EU, UN, NATO, WTO and the Commonwealth etc. Scotland needs to speak for itself on the international stage.

Borders are a necessary feature of a nation state. Borders define governance, jurisdiction, rights and our relationships with other nations. Borders can and should be open to trade, exchange and good relations with others and not barriers.

VoteYesBorders.com will pursue and also write about issues under the theme of Social Value. There is much talk and reference to Scotland’s rich assets. Important though those are to Scotland’s economic future and how they can be best exploited by an Independent Scottish Government, we are inclined to overlook our greatest resource – our people.

Fundamental to the theories that lie behind Social Value is a rejection of the way the words ‘foreign’ and ‘foreigner’ are increasing used in a pejorative manner by the UK political establishment and supporters of the union. Scots are citizens of the European Union and have been for 40 years. In sharing citizenship with 28 other countries in the EU, Scotland has a relationship with those countries that is open and warm.

Social Value encompasses an entirely different rhetoric from those of a neo-liberal persuasion. Social Value defines public spending as Investment in our people. Access to free education – including tertiary education, skills development, health care, child care, free prescriptions, free personal care and support to help return to work may be ‘benefits’ in a strict sense, but it has also descended into a pejorative term. Much has been achieved under devolution. But it can only be protected and developed by access to Scotland’s full tax revenue stream.

A strong and growing economy, like Scotland’s, can easily support investment in infrastructure, economic development and in the people of Scotland. Affordability is not an issue. Much is to be gained by repositioning, from being an appendage of a old imperial state with residual ambitions playing the world military game, to moving to an assured land, air, maritime and security focus that defends our people. Collaboration in peacekeeping and conflict resolution is a role much more suited to Scotland’s needs and logistical capability.

Time for our own voice in the World and full control of our own affairs at home

About russellbruce

Writer, journalist and blogger. Worked in advertising and publishing. Former board member Loch Lomond National Park Authority, Chair of Borders Writers' Forum
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