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Treasury figures ‘bizarrely inaccurate’ says LSE Professor

  Estimates of costs to set up Government departments in an independent Scotland (Billions)   By Russell Bruce The UK Treasury is not known for getting its sums right which is a dire indictment of a department supposed to be … Continue reading

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Election results: Scotland gets a purple banana

By Russell Bruce We are still waiting on the result from the Western Isles, but it is clear Ukip have increased their vote sufficiently to gain the sixth seat  the SNP had hoped to pick up with the collapse of the … Continue reading

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England goes purple bananas

By Russell Bruce The English local elections are something of a mixed shopping bag of bananas. The Tories have slipped on bananas skins to the tune of 201 seats down, but can feel more assured about the 2015 election as … Continue reading

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What happened to the oil revenues?

By George Kerevan There was much fuss regarding a recent story in the pro-independence Sunday Herald. This revealed a confidential government paper from the 1970s by Professor Gavin McCrone, then Chief Economic Advisor at the Scottish Office. This draft green … Continue reading

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How should Yes voters vote this Thursday?

By Russell Bruce This Thursday 22nd May we have the European elections. Literature has been tumbling through the letterbox in mass distributions and targeted mailings. The volume from the Lib Dems suggests they are worried about their only seat in … Continue reading

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Former senior civil servant, John Jappy, blows Unionist case out of the water

Using their own words, former senior servant John Jappy, quotes political figures from the British establishment and quietly, yet forcefully makes the economic case for Independence. Watch the video it’s a must see.

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Hugh MacDiarmid, Tom Nairn and Scottish International Institute

By Russell Bruce These are heady times as supporters, organisations and groups in the independence camp grow day by day. A creative energy that Scotland has not seen in 300 years is being released. With polls inching closer, stakes become … Continue reading

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